Chicken Namba
Dish recipe

Chicken Namba

Photo: Shuhei Tonami

For one people:

100 g chicken meat
1/3 sliced leeks
1/2 a box of Hourai Soba (dried noodles)
2 cups of water
2 tablespoons of dashi soup stock (Owariya’s Usu-dasi )
1) Slice chicken and green onions into bite-size pieces. Meanwhile, boil the soba noodles for 4 minutes, and once rinsed and drained, place in a bowl. *For reference, this is how to prepare the best- tasting soba
2) Mix water and the dashi in a pot. Add chicken and heat.
3) Once the broth comes to a boil and the chicken is cooked, add the green onions and simmer until warmed through.
4) Pour over the soup over the soba noodles.