Goma-tsuyu, Sesame sauce
Dish recipe

Goma-tsuyu, Sesame sauce

Photo: Shuhei Tonami

Honke Owariya’s popular summer item is “Sesame sauce,” (“Goma-tsuyu”). This rich sesame sauce goes well not only with soba noodles, but also with thin udon noodles.

For 2 people

300cc (1 1/4 cups) soup stock made with 75cc of Owariya’s concentrated “koi dashi” (0.3 cups) diluted with 225cc of water (0.95 cup of water)
100 g (1/2 cup) of sesame paste
10 g (0,8 tablespoon) of sugar
2) Dissolve the soup concentrate into the paste, pouring slowly and blending well as they mix together.
If you would like some variety, we also recommend an “ethnic soba pasta,” flavored with herbs and condiments. For example the dish can be topped with sesame paste, chili pepper flakes, and rayu (a Chinese chili oil) to stimulate the taste.