Lola Salad
Dish recipe

Lola Salad

Photo: Shuhei Tonami

Named after a dear French friend who made me a salad in the South of France with just olive oil and usu dashi. It can be prepared either in Western style with olive oil, or Asian style with sesame oil. The following is the Japanese variety.

For two to three people

One tablespoon of usu dashi (more if desired)
Mizuna (or any variety of greens if mizuna is not available)
One stalk of green onion
Oage (packaged deep-fried tofu)
A pinch of salt
1) Cut the mizuna and green onion into thin slices.
2) Put oage tofu into oven and toast for for or five minutes. Cut into thin slices.
3) Mix all together in a salad bowl and pour in the dashi, the sesame oil, and sprinkles of salt.