Kinugasa Donburi
Dish recipe

Kinugasa Donburi

Photo: Shuhei Tonami

Amidst the the range of hills surrounding the city of Kyoto, sits a small mountain, Mt. Kinugasa. In the Heian Period (794-1185), Emperor Uda made the seemingly impossible request of seeing a mid-summer mountain covered in snow. To make true his wish, the citizens of the city gathered white cloth to cover the mountain, making it look like snow, hence the name Mt. Kinugasa, meaning traditional umbrella lined with silk.
The fried bean curd (oage), green onions, and soft egg on top of a bowl of rice is reminiscent of Mount Kinugasa with its white silk draped over lush green trees.
This bowl of rice originated in Kyoto.

For one people:

Dashi 100cc, or about 0.4 cups to be diluted with 300cc or 1.2cups of water (1:3 mixture of concentrated koi dashi and water)
Half of fried bean curd (about 6 slices)
2 beaten eggs
Green onion,(sliced diagonally) as needed (about a handful)
1) Cut the fried tofu into strips and the green onion into diagonal slices.
2) Heat up soup stock in high heat, quickly boil fried tofu, and remove and put on a bowl of rice.
3) Heat up the green onions in the remaining soup stock. When the green onions are softened, pour in two thirds of the beaten egg.
4) When the eggs are softly cooked, pour the remaining egg mixture over the eggs. Cook for your desired consistency.
5) Top the bowl of rice with the egg & green onions and serve.