OYAKO-Don (chicken and egg rice bowl)
Dish recipe

OYAKO-Don (chicken and egg rice bowl)

Photo: Shuhei Tonami

For one people:

Koi-dashi (Koi-Dashi concentrate and water mixed at 3:1 ratio)100cc
Chicken (cut into bite size)60g
Eggs (beaten)2
Green onion (cut diagonally)
Sansho (Japanese pepper) spice as you like
1) Heat the Dashi stock and look the chicken

2) Add the green onions when chicken is cooked

3) When the green onions are soft, pour the beat eggs

4) Turn of the heat when the egg is cooked to your preference

5) Serve it over a bowl of rice, and sprinkle Sansho as you like

Point: Cut the chicken into the same size and thickness as much as possible, so it can be cooked evenly and quickly.