Dish recipe

Fried Pumpkin

Photo & Movie: Kana Anzai

What to prepare

1/8 of a pumpkin (about 4 sliced wedges)
1 teaspoon of koi dashi
1 tablespoon of water
1 tablespoon of sake
1 tablespoon of mirin (a sweet-tasting sake for cooking)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1 tablespoon of pepper to taste
1) Remove the pumpkin’s seeds and stands with a spoon, cut into thin slices, and peel off the skin from the corners.
2) Mix the water, sake, mirin, and koi dashi together. Sprinkle in the pepper.             
3) Put the oil in a frying pan and slowly fry the pumpkin over low heat.
4) When both sides are cooked and tender, turn off the heat and remove from the pan.
5) Wipe the pan, add the dashi mixture, and bring to a simmer over medium heat.
6) Add the pumpkin back in and cook for a minute.
7) Serve in bowls and sprinkle with the pepper.