Oroshi-goma-ae (Grated daikon radish and sesame soba)
Soba recipe

Oroshi-goma-ae (Grated daikon radish and sesame soba)

Photo: Shuhei Tonami

“Soba with grated sesame paste” is a popular menu item, especially during the summer months when people’s appetites wane and the cool flavors are very refreshing. The simplicity of the dish allows the diner to fully appreciate the flavor of the dashi broth.
If you add some soba-yu (buckwheat water) you can enjoy every last drop.

For 1 person

1/2 bag of dried noodles (hourai zaru soba)
100cc soup stock (about 0.4 cups). The concentrated Owariya koi-dash should be mixed with water at a 1:3 ratio.
Grated daikon (Japanese radish) 
Green onion, cut into small pieces
Roasted white sesame seeds

1) Boil the dried Hourai soba noodles (but be sure to reserve the water used for boiling, “soba-yu”). Rinse the soba noodles with ice cold water, drain, and place in a bowl.

2) Top with grated daikon and green onion, and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Poor the cold soup stock (dashi) over the noodles.

3) When you have finished the noodles, you can top the leftover sauce with some of the soba-yu (boiled water).