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Kyoto Winter Special 2015 menu, Feb.2nd-28th



As a part of ”Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special”, we are serving a special menu, our popular ”horai-soba” with seasonal appetizer ”hassun”  for 2,500 yen.

“Diners Club Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special” has been growing bigger and more popular. This February, the participating restaurants are offering a big variety special menus, including Kyoto cuisine, sushi, soba noodles, French, Italian, meat dishes, etc.

Kyoto cuisine has a reputation of being exclusive or expensive. This perception may have kept people from experiencing and becoming familiar with Kyoto food scene. “Diners Club Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special” is aiming to change this misconception by creating an opportunity to enjoy Kyoto cuisine made with various ingredients. February is the season when many locals recommend visiting Kyoto because of its serene and sophisticated atmosphere in winter.

This year the event marks its 5th anniversary since its launch in 2010. With each year, the number of participating restaurants increases, and more and more customers get to experience the real taste of Kyoto. From long-established restaurants to up-and-coming new restaurants, as many as 150 establishments have chosen to be part of this program. Each one is special in its own way. I hope everyone will enjoy delicious food and the warm hospitality only found in Kyoto. Without the crowds brought on by cherry blossom and autumn leaves, have fun exploring Kyoto’s unique attractions this season.

Last but not least, this event is named “Diners Club Kyoto Restaurant Winter Special 2014”, as Diners Club (Citi Cards Japan. Inc.) has been our main sponsor since last year.
I would like to sincerely thank them for graciously supporting our endeavor.

Best regards,

Kyoto Resaurant Winter Special Committee
Chairperson Denzaemon Inaoka