Soba mochi, concocted by the 13th generation of Owariya in the early Meiji era, is symbolic of our family confectionery business. Nowadays, people line up to eat soba at Owariya, but in the past generations, patrons used to wait in line to buy soba mochi.

“Soba Mochi to Coffee” was born from my wish to familiarize this way of eating “soba mochi” that is more suitable for the present era. The 16th generation head, who often enjoys eating toasted “soba mochi” with a cup of coffee, hoped to tell people about this special taste. Thanks to THE KYOTO, this product was realized as a special gift box cerebrating the opening of our confectionary shop in September 2020.

Though seemingly a traditional snack that goes best with hot tea, the 16th generation head of Owariya loves toasting soba mochi in the oven and savoring the dessert with hot coffee. She’s long wanted to popularize this way of consuming the snack, which is the reason for her collaboration with WEEKENDERS COFFEE, the first name in Kyoto’s flourishing coffee culture, especially home-roasted beans. Its fruity yet refreshing taste makes it one of the most sought-after coffees in Kyoto for locals and visitors alike. Owariya’s collaboration, “SOBA MOCHI TO COFFEE(そば餅とコーヒー)” is a gift box that includes two types of coffee (light and dark), carefully roasted by WEEKENDERS master roaster, Kaneo-san. It’s wrapped in a beautiful paper designed by Sanowataru-san. We can’t recommend it enough as a gift or something to take to your home if you love delicious coffee and soba mochi.

Soba rice cake and coffee 2,030 yen (tax included)


WEEKENDERS COFFEE Drip Coffee / Colombia x 3 (light roast), Opera Blend x 3 (deep roast)
Soba rice cake x 6

How to eat soba mochi and coffee

Warm the soba mochi in the toaster for 4 to 6 minutes. * Set the temperature low and so you can brew the drip coffee while warming the treat slowly. The skin gets fragrant and crisp, the red bean paste inside becomes moist. Please enjoy freshly brewed coffee and warm soba rice cakes together. (* The baking time will vary depending on the toaster you are using)

This product was created in collaboration with “THE KYOTO”. For more information on THE KYOTO project, please visit this site/page. A percentage of sales proceeds will be donated to THE KYOTO to protect and nurture the culture of Kyoto.