Soba-ita Crunch Chocolate

Soba-ita Crunch Chocolate

Honke Owariya has been experimenting with new products for generations.
Soba Mochi (buckwheat cake with red bean paste) was perfected by the 13th generation, Soba-ita (a buckwheat cookie) was conceived by the 14th generation, Soba Warabimochi (a starch dipped in kinako) was introduced by the 15th generation, and Soba Karintou (a deep-fried buckwheat snack) launched by the 16th generation.
Our Soba Mochi (buckwheat cakes) have been especially popular, serving long lines of customers.

The founder of Owariya wanted to convey the charm of confectionaries. This is our origins.
We set up a new confectionary shop next to the main store.
We also collaborate with artists and craftsmen to expand the possibilities of soba confectionaries.
In addition, we have started a new line, “No.16” (Number Sixteen), with a sense of fun and challenge.

No.16’s regular winter product, “Soba-ita Crunch Chocolate,” was conceived and developed by the confectioners of the original Owariya with a zero-waste perspective in mind.

Soba-ita, one of Owariya’s specialties, are one-by-one baked by hand and cannot be mass-produced. Because of its thinness and delicacy, even the slightest chip can ruin the product, so the confectioners work with the utmost care. Of course, even a broken or chipped Soba-ita does not affect the taste of the product.
We thought that developing a product using these imperfect Soba-ita would be a good way to work toward zero-waste.

The Soba-ita are crushed to the perfect size for a smooth texture, and covered in two types of chocolate, dark bitter and white chocolate.
The nostalgic and gentle flavor of Soba-ita is felt softly, and it goes well with coffee or Japanese tea.
We hope you will try it when you visit our main store.

Soba Board Crunch Chocolate

9 pieces in a bag 864 yen
Sold at the Honke Owariya main store and next-door confectionary shop